Marriage Problem Specialist Astrologer in New York

Marriage Problem Specialist Astrologer

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“A match is made in heaven”. We have all heard this phrase at some point in time. Marriage is the union of two individuals, which plays a critical role in each aspect of personal life as well as the evolution of society as a whole. Love, commitment, honesty, understanding, and respect between a husband and a wife are important to preserve the marriage. 

However, these bonds get weaker with time and adverse situations. And since marriage problems can affect the whole family, it may lead to severe depression. 

If you are going through marital problems, you may have made efforts to restore happiness. But if your efforts have fallen short, or worse, aggravate the problem, speak to an experienced astrologer in New York. Our astrologers can find the root cause of the problem in your marriage and provide fruitful solutions to fix it. 


How Astrology Affects Marriage?

Astrology is a science that deals with the effect of celestial bodies on a person’s life. Your date of birth means that you were born in a Nakshatra – or the influence of constellations on a person based on the position of the moon at the time of birth. Each nakshatra defines many aspects of a person’s life, like family, career, business success, finances, and relationships.  

Thus, one can say that we human beings share a connection with celestial bodies. For instance, when it comes to marriage or a love relationship, our astrologers will look at the position of Venus, which is the planet of love. Couples experiencing prolonged problems in their marriage may be due to Venus’s weak position. 

In addition, the transition of planets like Mars in your zodiac can also create marital issues and love problems. 

If you fear your marriage will break down, consult with our marriage problems specialist astrologer in New York. We will study the transition of planets and your compatibility with your partner/spouse to restore love in your marriage.

Common Marriage Problems

We have already established how zodiac houses, birth charts, and planetary movements can affect marriage. While problems are experienced by all couples, some issues can strike closer to the heart. 

Consider consulting with the best Indian astrologer in New York if your conflict with your spouse is due to:


Indian Astrologer in New York

How can the Best Indian Astrologer in New York Help?

You must be wondering how our Indian astrologer in New York can find the problem and re-discover happiness in your marriage. The answer lies in the analysis of planetary transitions. 

Each planet signifies a meaning. Their analysis reveals how our lives will be affected. Our astrologer will observe the following:

Analysis of Venus

Venus signifies marriage and love. By studying its position, motion, and proximity to the sun we can determine what troubles your marriage. 

Analysis of the 4th House

The 4th House of the zodiac plays a role in family dynamics and bonds. Analysis of this house gives us an understanding of your home, family, emotional security, and sense of belonging.

Analysis of the 2nd House

The 2nd House in your zodiac signifies money, wealth, and values. As each of these aspects can affect the stability of the marriage, we analyze these material and spiritual values to suggest a viable remedy.


Our astrological predictions can benefit and save you precious time in dealing with your marriage issues.

Consult the Best Indian Astrologer in New York for your Marriage Problems 

At Universal Astrologer, our experienced Indian astrologer is a love marriage specialist, and can also get your lost love back. Put an end to all your marital problems with our practical remedies. 

Don’t wait for your problems to aggravate. Our reliable Indian astrologer in New York can provide suitable solutions that can solve all your love and marriage problems.

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