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Dr. Subhash Chandra Bose

M.A (Soc).,M.A ( Astro).,M.A ( Phil & Reli)., M.A (Yoga)., M.S (P & Coun)., B. Com.,D.A., D.N.S., Ph.D (Astro)., D. Litt (Vastu).,

Dr Subash Chandrabose-The Best Astrologer In India. He is one of the best astrologers in India who was started work in astrology since 1985. He has dealt with many foreigner clients as well as many students in his career. His expertise lies in astrology using the principles or concept given by sage parashara in his book.He solves you all problem like; Education, Job & Career, Study & Visa, Love life, Marriage, Financial condition, business, property etc.

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Recipient of Noble & Royal Status "Duke of Elam"

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Recipient of Noble & Royal Status
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Numerology an art of systematically studying numbers. It is also an amalgamation of analytics, mythical and divine connection of events in an individual’s life. A number holds many mysteries, an expert and a well versed numerologist is the only one who can decipher and convey the message within. Dr. Subhash Chandra Bose, an expert astrologist, who’s been famous in Mumbai. He will help you unlocking the enchanting secret these numbers embrace.
Astrology, an artistic pattern of various stars and planetary objects which have exponentially inevitable effect on every individual's life. The span of human life is short with many unpredictable events filled with happiness, sorrow and many other emotions. This makes an individual vulnerable to life, so he foreseeks answers about his/her near future. To answer these questions we should accept the guidance of famous astrologers like Dr Subhash Chandra Bose who has great expertise & knowledge in Vedic Astrology.
The ancient science of architecture that can sustain the perfect equilibrium between human being and its surrounding nature to achieve peace, prosperity and stability. It is a systematic evolution through adaption of earth's gravitational and magnetic field. To develop a serene flux of energy which should benefit a person. This science is basically dependent on five elements found in the nature. The experts of this subject can show a way to combine and balance them with human and nature. Dr Subaschandra Bose can help you all to understand the art of Vastu shastra.





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